Tax Money Spent on AIDS

Just as a short post script to the previous post about the sodomite Mark Dybul’s appointment as Ambassador.  The site of the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator reports that they will spend $15,000,000,000 (BILLION) on GLOBAL AIDS programs over a five year period.
Let’s put those numbers in perspective for a large American family.  If a large American family can live comfortably on $100,000 a year, then a family could live of the money we are spending on AIDS in the next five years for 150,000 (that’s thousand) years! 
Since we will probably not be spending US Dollars 150,000 years from now, let’s spread the wealth a little.  How about we divide that salary and distribute it evenly for the next five years?  That would mean that 30,000 American families could live at a $100,000 annual expenditure rate for the next fives years!
We are being fairly generous giving a six figure “salary” away, let’s bring it more into the norm.  The median household income in 2003 was $43,318.  That’s a few years old, so let’s just round it off at $45,000.  If we took this money from the unconstitutional global program to fund and support sodomites and gave it back to the taxpayer who worked for the money, we could fund 33 entire towns that have a population of 10,000 residents at the median income level!  That is 333,333 families that could have a year together building relationships, making plans for the future, starting family businesses, working on the children’s education, or any number of helpful things as they would not be stressed about earning enough money to support their family and the world’s AIDS carriers.
Now let’s not advocate the redistribution of the wealth from all the other tax paying Americans who would be left after this 333,333 had their year off.  Let’s just give it back to the 131 Million taxpayers who paid it to begin with.  If we did that every taxpayer in American would receive a check for One Hundred Fifteen Dollars and Fifty Cents!
What would that 15 billion dollars look like in the hands of the people who earned it as it was placed back into our American economy, by their discretionary spending.  We should also consider that this this money is not only removed from the American taxpayer who earned it.  But it is removed from the American economy as well as it is spent globally!

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