Save Money With Grocery Rebates

Another money saving idea I have been using to save our family more money on our grocery bill is taking advantage of grocery rebates.  Many times manufacturers will offer special rebates as an incentive for people to buy their product.  Sometimes these rebates can save you money or provide products for free.  

I took advantage of a rebate offer today.  After reading the “rules” thoroughly, I decided that this rebate would be a worthwhile deal for our family.  I was already planning on buying a large amount of this product because one of my grocery stores had these vegetables buy one, get on free.  The rebate called for 18 products to be purchased to receive a $10 rebate by mail.  Normally the deal would not have been as good as it was, but since the products were on sale for buy one, get on free — this deal was Very Good indeed. 
I planned out exactly what I would be purchasing, to avoid any confusion in the store.  I purchased my rebate items on a separate ticket for my own simplicity.  The total cost for these items was $18.06.  With the store sale the total was now $11.06.  With my rebate, my total cost for $18.06 worth of food is now $1.06!  
For a few extra minutes of your time and the cost of a stamp, rebates are an excellent way to save even more money off your grocery bill.   


  • Tammy Luna says:

    I agree!!
    Here we have a Rite-Aid store and they often have 1-2 items per week that are FREE with rebate! It’s usually stuff like shampoo, conditioner, or toothbrushes. We’ve never had to pay for toothbrushes, it’s such a treat!!
    I do have to watch and make sure I buy exactly what is advertised, like you said, and also, I usually keep the receipt and item unopened until I get the rebate, just to make sure (since I would return that $3 toothbrush if it weren’t free! lol).
    And what’s even better is that I can enter info from the receipt online and even request the rebate check (it’s one check per month) online! So NO postage costs! 🙂

  • Mary Ann says:

    I have just started doing some rebates through Eckerds and Wal-greens. I love doing the free-bates and getting things free. I’ve already learned from experience to read all the fine print because sometimes(Eckerds especially) they have errors in their ads and don’t stand by it later. Even though these drugstores normally sell at higher prices than I am willing to pay, the sales and rebates end up being very good. Yesterday, I got 2 12 packs of toilet paper for $3.99 each by getting a dollar rebate on each plus using a manufacturers coupon for a dollar. That’s a really good price for my area. I make copies of everything that I send in, for reference later.

  • Lady Why says:

    Great idea! I must admit I tend to lose or somehow throw away all my rebates. That’s what the retailers count on… and they are successful with me. I must be better about keeping up with such things! I’m inspired!

  • sarah says:

    I’ve never heard of food rebates. Are these things advertised in the newspaper ads or something?

  • Crystal says:

    I was talking with a marketing manager of a large cellphone company once and she told me that their response rate on rebates is usually around 7%. No wonder companies do rebates! They get people to buy the item thinking it’s free or almost free and then they never request the rebate!
    However, for those who can be organized to do rebates, it’s a really good thing – especially when you have coupons for the item, plus a rebate, plus the item is on sale! 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    Wow what a deal! Way to go!