Moving update

We are still moving…. ūüėȬ† I am very busy with limited time.¬† There is so much to do.¬†
Our biggest challenge is obviously space.¬† 9 people in 1050 sq ft. of living space has been interesting but fun.¬† We are a closer family for sure…literally.¬†
We remind ourselves that large families use to live in one room cabins without modern conveniences of air conditioning or indoor plumbing.  That puts things in perspective for sure. 
There are some changes we are adjusting to. 
-Occasionally you will see a line for the bathroom.¬† One day when we were getting ready to go out for the evening, I sent the boys outside with a wash bowl and a bar of soap because it was too impossible for 9 people to get¬†cleaned up and ready to go in the amount of time we had.¬† I learned that it is possible for the children to clean-up outside with a water hose and soap.¬†¬† Our 7 year old daughter puts things in perspective, “Mom, if we had a year round creek, we wouldn’t need a sink.”¬† Hmm… that sounds logical doesn’t it?¬† At least in a 7-year-old-Little-House-on-the-Prairie-wanna-be-country-girl it makes perfect sense.¬†
As for home management and organization, I am working on shelving in the basement, which although unfinished, it is additional square footage that provides us with storage space. 
Our current need is to acquire two kittens.  We saw a mouse outside in a wood pile.  I need some country mice hunters and so I called about some ads in the paper for free kittens.  The one lady I reached was quickly offended at my desire to acquire some outside mouse hunters. 
I asked her if she still had kittens available and she said “No, I have already found homes for them but I still have my adult female cat.¬† She is spayed and declawed and a great cat.”¬†
I said, “No, I need a female cat that isn’t spayed and one that has claws.¬† I need some good mousers for outside.”¬†
She said, “Well– I wouldn’t have given you my kittens anyway, my cats are inside cats and are only for people who promise to care for them inside…. Good Day.”¬† and hung up.¬†
So our search for two kittens Рoutdoor kittens with claws Рgoes on. 


  • sarah says:

    that is hilarious. Animal lovers are another breed altogether. My favorite was when I saw a woman “walking” her tiny dog the other day by walking [herself] and carrying the dog in one of those front baby holders [a la baby bjorn]. Too funny. Too weird.

  • Bethany says:

    I saw a man and a woman walking into the grocery store one time… She was wearing a sling with what I assumed was a baby inside… Silly me… it wasn’t a baby…it was a dog! The man went inside the grocery store…she stayed outside the store walking up and down the sidwalk with the dog.
    Right after I saw that…on the way home, I passed the library and the sign said, “Project Read to Your Dog Month!” — Serious…
    Have you read my article on Pampered Pets? It is too long to post…but I could email it to you?

  • Bethany says:

    no wonder why they have doggie exercising equipment now…

  • sarah says:

    Okay, I remember your article on pampered pets b/c I totally agreed with you. I did not know that there are doggie exercise equipments these days?? Now that is something you have to post about! lol

  • sarah walston says:




    A dog in a baby bjorn carrier – I can’t imagine!!!

  • Sally says:

    What’s funny is, I saw a lady with a puppy in a baby sling just last night! I went to the airport to pick up a friend and across the baggage claim I see a Paris Hilton type with a baby sling. And before I can think “she doesn’t seem the baby type”, a baby chiwawa pops it’s little rat like head out. Yeah. I couldn’t believe it either. And I’m a dog lover!! But they’re still dogs….people, somtimes…

  • sarah says:

    lol, sally your story had me cracking up… i can just see it…. lol

  • Candice says:

    Go to and look under the free category in your area. People are always giving cats away where we live.