Homemaking Rethought

The feminist movement would have us believe that the life of homemaking is only for uneducated, low achieving, lazy women who do not have any ambition to do anything profound with their lives. In reality, the mother and homemaker, who do in fact throw themselves into the high calling of home, are far from uneducated, low achieving and are sure not lazy. For it is the most profound, fulfilling achievement of womanhood, that of wife, mother and homemaker. No other job on earth will provide the fulfilling completeness of the female sex as God designed.
As we have all be saturated in this anti-home culture and are familiar with the effects of abandoning home, as Godly women, we must remain vigilant to not only be content with our noble vocation in life, but be completely satisfied and fulfilled.
I found it rather interesting that today, Monday, September 25 is in fact Family Day. Several grocery stores in our area published a reminder in the local sales flyer to “Remember Family Day”: A day to sit down and eat together as a family! It went on to list the facts about what eating together as a family can do for children and why it is so important. Yet the feminist philosophy would say this is hogwash because that would mean that poor woman would have to be relegated to a real kitchen at home to cook something. I recently read something where a woman was lamenting the fact that she was forced to cook at least 3 times a week for her family. You should be able to hear me laugh out loud about now. Only 3 times a week?!? Forced?? What drudgery!?!
I have yet to see the facts supporting the evidence that women who abandon home and hearth are good for society. It is quite the opposite, the facts are that homemakers and mothers play a key role in the overall positive and successful welfare of civilization itself. It has been said, “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world…” and that becomes all the more apparent when one looks at the condition of our Nation. The home has been abandoned and we are seeing the effect of mother being absent.
Women who hold the full time job of homemaker and mother are in the minority and it isn’t any wonder that many of us feel alone and unprepared for our job. We are told through media and culture if we are at home, that something is wrong with us. However, few understand the incredible genius required in the field of homemaking and few are prepared or encouraged in this influential vocation.
However, the field of homemaking is not for the weak hearted. The management of a family system requires a meticulous multitasking mind and a bold, creative spirit which seeks to further the vision of her family by supplying them with those Proverbs 31 attributes that quickly put any feminist to shame. We are the home maker, the overseer, the manager, not an ornament of stagnant beauty sitting around wondering what to do each day.
To Be Continued: I intend to write more on the requisites for managerial homemaking including some interesting reads that I have run across, as well as practical advice on homemaking for wives and mothers.

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