Frugal Fridays: Save HUGE on your Grocery Bill using BOGO FREE sales!!

This is my tip for Frugal Friday: Take advantage of Buy One, Get One Free store sales.

frugal fridays

Many of you know of my recent dive into coupon land. It is really blessing our family.
One way I save on our grocery budget is by using coupons in a very strategic fashion. Here is an example of how you can save big at the grocery store: BOGO Free Sales are Buy One, Get One Free sales that many grocery stores run regularly.
1.) Watch for Buy One, Get One Free sales. Many times these sales are great just by themselves. However, they become even better when you combine coupons with these sales.
For example: Last week, a brand name men’s shaving gel was on sale for $2.55 Buy one, Get One Free. I had $1 off coupons for this shaving gel. I bought 6 cans and used 6 coupons. The store sale gave me 3 of those cans for free.
With the coupons and store sale, every 2 cans of shaving gel cost me .55 cents or about .27 cents for each can of shaving gel!
$15.30 worth of shaving gel for $1.65 !!!
So, watch for those Buy One, Get One Free Sales and combine your coupons to save big!!!


  • Crystal says:

    Great tip! Our store does not usually give you one item free, though – they ring up 50% off. Sometimes this is to my advantage and sometimes not. 🙁
    Thanks for participating in our first Frugal Friday!

  • Mom2fur says:

    I just love combining BOGO sales with coupons! Any time the cost of a product works out to less than half price, that’s great!

  • Mom2fur says:

    Oh, another thing. Have you checked out I play and it’s a blast. She gives you a weekly shopping list of what is on sale, and lists the available coupons. I’ve saved a lot of money with it. She used to do a thing where you could try it for 4 weeks for a dollar. I’m not sure she still does. But it’s worth a look. It ends up costing about $2/week…but I save much, much more than that. Generally, about 35%. Once, I even saved 65%! You know that was a BOGO day, with coupons, LOL!

  • Bethany says:

    Yes…I have posted a few things about the Grocery Game in the past… I use Terri’s list for one of my stores in my area and am having a great time with it….. I have other stores that I just do my own list for.
    I am really loving all the deals and savings…. and am working my way up to a nice stockpile.