Defund the ACLU – Boise Commandments Case


Removing The Commandments
Removing the 10 Commandments in Boise, ID


Here is a link to all the various funds the ACLU has “earned” by bringing cases against religious expression.  There is a move to stop this tyranny, see this flashbackPERA (The Public Expression of Religion Act 2005), was approved by the house judicial committee on September 7th.  This sets the stage for a full house vote in the near future.  

Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas also introduced the Senate version of the bill S.3696

“It is also important that your elected leaders hear directly from you. While no votes have yet been scheduled, let your elected officials know now that you are tracking this bill. As votes become eminent, we will let you know, so your contact can be even more timely.
Call your elected officials in both the House and Senate and urge them to support PERA (H.R. 2679 and S. 3696)
U.S. Capitol Switchboard (202) 225-3121
” – From Reclaim America

In related news….( I always wanted to say that) there is more information out today about the ballot initiative in Boise IDThe Keep the Commandments Coalition who is leading the charge to return the 10 Commandments back to the city park is willing to raise money to pay the fees associated with the move.  More on that here.

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