Boyness, Catness, Tall Trees, Snakes and Mom

Snakes and Snails and Puppy dog tails. We have everything but the puppy dog tails….however we are grateful to our friends the Carpenters for finding two baby kittens for us. Real live barn kittens with claws, who will be loved nevertheless and much appreciated if they end up being good mousers, even if they aren’t indoors — our cats will be allowed to express their true catness catching mice. (maybe some pictures soon–not of the mice…the kittens)
Now these boys at play are also expressing their boyness with not-mother-approved, but father-approved, activities. Climbing trees is one thing… climbing really big tall trees is another. I saw them out the window scaling the trees in our front yard today. Ropes, carabiners, leather gloves, survival backpacks– they pulled themselves up this tree and back down again many times. Great exercise for two energetic what-can-I-conquer focused boys.

Evidently, they built their own harness to aid their tree climbing adventures. They put ascenders on the rope and the harness to allow themselves to go up and down. I know nothing about this sort of thing but evidently it was not just throwing a rope in a tree and climbing up it…

Many more exciting things happened today (exciting things:  birthday girl, kittens, homemade pretzles), least of which for me and most of all for just about everyone else, was the discovery of the snake in the garden. As I was cooking dinner a handful of children ran into the kitchen showing me the new discovery.
My response, “Get the snake out of the house!”
“AHH mom, he’s just a baby snake. He’s nice cuz he’s a pink belly”
“He may be a baby, but that means their is a momma snake and more babies around here!”
Then I hear my 5 year old run out of the house yelling to the rest of them, “She didn’t like it!”
Moms…always concerned over tall trees and baby snakes…. Instead of expressing my overconcern-ness so much, maybe I should have untied my apron for a brief moment and took a turn swinging in the nifty harness my boys made and maybe I should have held the baby snake and been just as excited as they were over their exciting new discovery? It is so easy to be consumed with being overly concerned and unnecessarily worried and miss out on life’s exciting experiences each day.


  • Claire Hall says:

    Your kids are so amazing. I never would’ve thought (nor would I know how) to make my own harness…even now as an adult.
    You made homemade pretzels? That’s really cool! Were they the soft or crunchy kind?
    I would’ve reacted the same way to snakes and huge trees.
    I wonder why mums naturally do that…

  • sarah says:

    I think moms naturally do that because its on them whether the children live or die. To protect is in the very fiber of our being.