Clash of the Cultures

What do you get when the American Idol and the first-ever Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Christian Families converge on the same city on the same weekend?  A Clash of Cultures! 

That is what happened in San Antonio, TX this week.  At the Alamo Dome contestants were vying for position to become the next great American Idol…,


…while across the street at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention center.  Christians were wrestling with how to honor Christ and expand his Kingdom upon the Earth through entrepreneurial endeavors at the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Christian Families.



Joel Salatin Vision Forum Conference

Joal Salatin of Polyface Farms shares agrarian wisdom in an after session Q and A time. 

I’ll post more on the conference as I’m able, but it was a great experience.  Vision Forum did a great job hosting it and putting together a Christ honoring line up of men who were able to address every topic from a Biblical focus.

Vaughns and Hopkins

Some of the Vaughn Boys met the Hopkins boys for the first time.

One of the best things about conferences like this one is the great opportunity to meet new friends and renew old friendships! 

Also during the trip we notice a different outworking of the clash of the culture in our own family.  It seems that our three year old is able to point out a portrait of General Stonewall Jackson in a magazine but he doesn’t know who Kermit the Frog is!  Go figure, homeschooling apparently has sheltered him from the deranged humor of a puppet frog and his mistress pig.
Oh happy day!

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  • The clash of the cultures could certainly be observed during the lunch hour when hundreds of modestly dressed Christians vied with the same number of scantily clad heathens at the River Walk Mall Food Court for the limited seating available there!
    It was an awesome conference, and very inspiring to “go home and start something.”