The American Church – What’s Ahead?

I recently (last month now) came across Kevin Swanson’s BLOG thanks to my wife and The Servens.  It is called Generations with Kevin Swanson and is a great resource of information. Specifically, his absolute candid discussion about the future in our nation and what it holds. If your considering what areas you need to address in your children so they can be all that God created them to be, I highly recommend Generations. It’s a little late now, but if you go back in the archives to the June 6th, 2006 post. It’s a good assessment of what the American Church is doing right and how we can continue the trend.

I also have thoroughly enjoyed his discussion on the decentralization taking place in America.  If there is any hope that Christ has not completely forsaken our nation, it is in the fact that power and control is being decentralized.  For example, this BLOG is a decentralization of the news media and the commentary of current events.  More and more the media is becoming less and less of an influence.  Considering their Godless slant, this is a good thing.  This at least addresses the print media.  Now we need a full service video news source, kind of like the one over at ENN.

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