Right to Privacy abridged – State Owns Children

So, here’s the question.  Who gets to make medical decisions for your children: you, your doctor, or the state?  This would seem like a simply one, right?  After all who gave birth to the child?  Or even before that, who was involved in the conception of the child?  The Bible says, God formed us in the womb.  That is, he takes the blessed covenant between two people, and uses that relationship to create children who bare his image.  I’m not seeing any jurisdiction for the state here.
So why is the Accomack County Department of Social Services in Virgina threatening to remove Abraham Cherrix from his family?  Why has a judge stepped in and ordered Abraham to under go more damaging medical tests and awarded joint custody of the 16 year old to the department of social services?  I will not rehash all the details of the story here, but will include some links below where the rest of the story has been well covered. 
Before I looker deeper at the ramifications of this action by Virginia and the medical establishment, let me say this.  Abraham is a brother in Christ who has cancer and needs our prayers.  We should be praying for Abraham’s healing and full recovery.  That is what Christians do.    Next let me encourage donations to his medical fund as well.  I’ll refrain from commenting on the tragedy of needing a medical fund and a legal fund at the same time, other than to mention that he does.

This is a tragedy of the highest order and an egregious affront to the God who created both the family and the state and defined the jurisdiction of each.  Josiah Project exists for this very reason.  We as a nation do not think Biblically.  We have rejected the law of God and by proxy the jurisdictions that go with that law.  Therefore, we are loosing the liberty the law protects. 
Where in the Bible is there any room, barring a crime, for the state to come into the family and make decisions about their future?  The only place a decision for a child is to be made is within the family.  The puritans and the reformers understood the value of the law of God.  They understood, that it applied to every area of life and that God gave it to us for our protection.  Within each law, is an established jurisdiction for that law.  That is to say, who can enforce the law.  One of the first requirements for the state to even consider getting involved in a family matter is that a law must have been broken.  If no law has been broken then the state has no jurisdiction. 
So what law has been broken here?  What crime has the Cherrix family committed?  Is it a crime to decide for yourself what medical treatment you will receive?  I think this will be difficult to support from scripture.  What the medical establishment would like us to think is that they know better than we do, and in some cases they might.  They might be infinitely smarter that the rest of the family combined, although I don’t think so in this case.  However, even if that was true, that still does not give them the right to appeal to the state to force the family to submit to the prescribed treatment.
The Bible does not say children obey your parents, unless someone smarter comes along, or unless the civil government threatens you.  It vest full authority for decision making to the parents, regardless of their level of intelligence, race, income, or any other demographic you want to throw in here.
I’ll point out two other quick inconsistencies within our culture and our government.  In many states a 13 year old girl can get an abortion and kill the innocent child in her womb under the deception of “right to privacy”, without her parents permission.  However, when a Christian makes an informed decision with his parents approval, the court steps in to order the treatment regardless of his right to privacy or self determination.  Where is the justice in this?
Lastly, I’ll just point out the conflict of interest that exists for the doctor in this case.  Would a conflict exist, if as a business man, I could get a judge to order people to buy my products?  That is what this doctor has done in this case.
I’ll leave you with two blogs that have covered this story for a while and have done a great job of keeping up with the events as they happen.  Both the Rebelution and Spunky have put a great amount of effort in getting the word out and supporting Abraham.  Keep up the good work guys!
Remember to pray for Abraham, and remember the protection and blessings God’s law provides.

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  • Watchful says:

    It is so disturbing that our country has gone so far down the tube that it is considered normal for the state to step into the privacy of someone’s lives and tell them what type of treatment is and is not acceptable. This doesn’t look like a very good use of the sword the state wields to punish evildoers!
    I’ve been keeping up a little when I have the time, but thanks for the report!