IRS excavation for dirt on Dr. Dino

Dino Land Raided by IRS Gestapo 
So can the IRS seize your dinosaur bones if you don’t pay other people’s taxes?  OK so maybe the IRS wasn’t really on an excavation for dino bones, but apparently they were digging for dirt on Dr. Dino.  According to this article IRS agents raided Kent Hovind’s home in 2002 searching for documents.  Now after three previous grand juries failed to indict him, the IRS has their stolen information and is at it again.
In fact now he has been indicted on 58 counts.  Why the change, what happened?  For starters they broke into his home and stole his personal records.  There are many things wrong with this scenario and this case as a whole.  But, what happened to not being forced to testify against yourself.  Isn’t stealing your personal records and using them against you the same thing?
What about a persons right to own his property and use it to bring glory to God?  If I want to setup a post abortion monument on my property as a testimony to Gods grace and forgiveness for those that participate in this heinous crime, shouldn’t I be able to? 
What if there is another Christian with the same beliefs that designs and creates monuments and he wants to be part of what I’m doing on my property?  Now suppose I have more money than he does, because I’m a nationally known speaker and I want to bless this man for his work in creating the monument.  Do I have the responsibility to withhold; federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes?  That’s ridiculous!  He is a co-laborer for the cause of Christ, not an employee.
That is essentially what has happened in this case in Pensacola Florida.  Kent Hovind is an outspoken opponent of evolution who has dedicated his life to defending the Biblical account of creation.  He has other people who share the same conviction because of a religious belief and who help him in this mission they share.  Why should Kent be forced to withhold taxes from fellow missionaries? 
Here are the two key points in this story.  Kent is a minister of God who along with his family shown below have given everything they have to the cause they believe passionately about.  Secondly, the out of control communistic IRS (see Freedom to Fascism), received information illegally and are using it to persecute the man who has operated this ministry for 17 years.


“I’ve taken a vow of poverty, which any minister can do,” Hovind says. “And everything I have here, everything I’ve ever earned in my life, has gone straight into God’s work. So we’re not breaking any laws. We haven’t done anything wrong.”
Two years ago IRS agents raided Hovind’s home and Dinosaur Adventure Land to confiscate records. In the current situation, Hovind accuses federal agents of “grand jury shopping,” noting three previous grand juries failed to indict him. The case goes to trial September 5.

Read more here: and pray for an end to the injustice in this land and that Kent and his family will give a powerful witness for Christ to those who would persecute them.

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