Independence Day Devotion

Can something as “secular” as the 4th of July be included in family devotions? It is the position of Josiah Project that not only can it be, but it must be. First, because there is nothing less secular than the founding of this nation. Secondly, because God commands fathers to teach their children of His works of providence, which include how he has blessed and cursed the works of the nation they live in. (Deuteronomy 6 & 11, Psalm 145, 106, etc.)
If you are challenged by a government school education, as I am, and have believed less of our founding fathers than the true faith they exhibited, I would encourage you to read through some of the founding documents of our nation and see the faith that founded this nation.
As we reflect on the fortitude of the men who held a deep understanding of the Biblical principles required to sustain a free people, it is incumbent upon us to pass these truths on to our children that they may be able to stand with honor in their day upon the stage of life.

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