Guest Post – From Jackson Mississippi

Dear friends,

I have been in Jackson, Mississippi, since Saturday for the Operation Save America gathering.  Every night we meet in a Church to worship, pray, hear some preaching, and get marching orders for the next day’s battle.  Last night we had a solemn assembly to pray in repentance for all the sin that has led to abortion in America, especially the sin of the Church for not using her moral authority, spiritual power, and influence to criminalize abortion in America again.
There are about 200 people here: older folk, single folk, married folk, large families and small families.  Our group split up to witness outside two apostate churches yesterday.  One group went to the Episcopal Church which supports abortion and sodomy, the other group went to the Unitarian “Church.”  I went to the latter, where the car I came in had it’s windshield broken by a group of anarchists that were in front of the “church.”  We proclaimed God’s Law and Gospel, and preached against abortion from across the street using a sound system. It was a great time of proclaiming truth.  Two of our ladies gave their personal testimonies dealing with abortion, their repentance and God’s restoration.

Mark Gabriel

This morning we were at the abortion mill, various intersections in Jackson and an overpass in Pearl nearby.  The Police in gestapo fashion swooped down on each group and ordered everthing shut down.  They claimed we could not do anything without a permit given by the City of Jackson.  In other words, they claim, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, that we need permission from the city to practice our 1st Amendment rights.  They issued 5 tickets to people holding signs yesterday, and they have issued more today.  Two brothers leading the overpass team, that held a banner on an overpass over a highway, were both arrested and taken to jail: Cal Zastrow and Ken Scott.  Many signs were confiscated before we had a chance to even put them away.  The American Family Association has provided attorneys to represent us, who have been active for some time now, dealing with the tyrannical actions of the Jackson Police Department.  They came late last night to begin further action against the city.  Channel 16 in Jackson, the local ABC affiliate, had decent coverage on the attack on the pro-life car that had its windhield broken.  They showed pictures of the anarchists standing and beating on the front of the car.  The anarchists also threatened my friend Adam’s life, who was inside the car.  Adam pointed out the people involved in the attack to the police, but he was told that, because “they will not cooperate,” that they would not do anything!  None of the anarchists were cited or arrested.
We trust God will use all of this for good in the end.  Please join us in prayer for the abortion mill in Jackson to be shut down.  Pray that Mississippi will become the first state to be free of child killing centers.  Pray the Lord will keep us focused on Him, united with each other, and faithful to our call in the days ahead.  I will be here until Friday.
Yours for Life,
Mark Gabriel


  • Christina says:

    BTW, what exactly were you doing at the abortion mill?

  • Knowing that Mark will be tied up this week, (if he manages to stay out of Jackson’s jail house) and having spent a good deal of time over the years with Mark out side abortion mills around this country, I feel fairly comfortable in speaking for him in this case.
    Mark and the others who went to the abortion mill today and will be going everyday this week, were doing what prolifers have been doing at abortion mills for years, offering women a last chance for a real choice!
    There will be different groups performing different functions. Some will be singing and worshiping God, some will be crying out to God for mercy in prayer, some will be preaching and reading the Bible. Still others, will be engaging the soon to be victims of the abortion holocaust in an attempt to save the life of the little baby and spare the mom all the grief that is in her near future.