Blueberry Adventure

Blueberry picking proved to be fun experience! We visited a good sized berry patch located on the grounds of a country church nestled in the rolling hills of Tennessee. Although a sultry summer day, we enjoyed picking the abundant fruit with our friends. We enjoyed a picnic lunch under the shade of some large trees and enjoyed a nice chat while the children played. We returned home, worn and tired….and hot…but with fresh blueberries from the country side.
Blueberry patch
Here are the large blueberry bushes.

Annabelle in the shade of the blueberry bushes.

Baby O enjoying a blueberry. We put the babies’ quilts next to each other in the shade while we picked close by.

Counting or comparing how many blueberries?

Baskets with blueberries.

I was amazed at how big blueberry bushes are. I expected them to be much smaller. A cold wet bandana on Annabelle’s head kept her more comfortable in the heat.

Some children ate more blueberries than they picked 😉 Aren’t the twins cute!?!

More blueberry pickers…

I love this picture not only of the countryside but of a momma and daughter gathering berries together.

Lunch break for the weary workers under big shade trees.

Mid-day nap under the shade tree for the little one.

14 berry pickers with only 13 shown because one certain 3 year old hid behind the tree for the group picture.
Blueberry picking tips: Blueberries are a summer berry so avoiding the heat by going early morning would be better and don’t forget the bug spray.


  • sarah says:

    Thanks for the pictures of annabelle!!!!!!!!! SOOOO adorable!!! Her hair has thinned out a great deal and she looks more like Jessie now [well, the hair anyway.] How adorable sleeping on the blanket!
    You guys and your family friends look totally adorable!

  • sarah says:

    Also, SO FUNNY about a “certain” three year old. I wonder who that was? 😉

  • Bethany says:

    Yeah…she lost most of her hair…she is really thin on top compared to her head full of curls in her newborn days.

  • Bethany says:

    yeah.. my certain 3 year old ! That was a hard one to figure out 😉