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It’s too late to say much, but the article and the site below say a mouthful.  Quickly, here’s the overview.  Aaron Russo has produced a new film.  No, it’s not Trading Places II.  It’s a documentary.  It’s a history lesson about America.  One might quickly dismiss the subject where it not from so respectable a source.  That is not respectable in the Christian sense, but respectable in the sense that this is a Hollywood insider.  This is one who has been on the inside and has made a living in the film business.
So what’s the subject?  The legality of the IRS and the Federal Reserve.  I told you!  It sounds like one of those web sites you might click on and read a little from your friends computer, but you’d be too concerned someone was tracking you to read it from your own!
What most of us aren’t willing to think about, Aaron Russo says out loud.  But what does this have to do with the law of God?  What’s the tie to the four governments of God that is our purpose here?  There are several, but first and foremost, is the ideal that God designed civil government to “reward those who do good and punish those who do evil”. 
As a Christian, particularly in America, where we are suppose to have a voice in the Government, we must take responsibility for our civil government.  When the government begins to punish those who stand for righteousness and reward those who do evil, it is time to stand up.  It’s time to say that Jesus Christ is King and according to His rules, you can’t do this any longer.  It’s time to start acting like an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven as Christ called us to be.

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According to the trailers and the couple of interviews available on the site, the tyranny that has taken place in Jackson, MS this week is small time stuff. 
I’m not endorsing this film as a solution to all the worlds problems.  But, it seems that it will be a great wake up call to America in general and it should be to the Church specifically who has been asleep at the wheel.  What the Christian church needs to be reminded of, is that the world does not have the answers.  Occasionally, someone might correctly assess part of the problem, which seems to be what Russo has done.  But, the world will never get the correct solution.  That can only come from God and his word, which should be proclaimed by his ambassadors.