Remember and Give Thanks

It is easy for me to get caught up in my own life and not realize that there is a big hurting world outside the doors of my home. Today my husband and I spent the day in the hospital with our 5 year old little boy while he underwent a surgery to correct a eye disorder. All went very well and he is now home sleeping peacefully and starting to recover. However, my mind could not stop thinking about the different things we saw today.
The surgery took place at a Children’s hospital and as such was filled with children. It was a sobering experience. A mom crying in the hallway, a baby crying in the opposite room, room after room with a hurting child, a 4 lb baby, a 16 year old girl…each individual dealing with various issues of crisis.
I, too, had to send, not with any ease either, my little boy back with the surgeon today, just like 25 (normally 75 to 85 each day) other parents did today for various other reasons. However, some of these children didn’t get to come home today.
I thought, next week when I am tempted to complain over my measly piles of laundry or get frustrated with my overly energetic 3 year old, I will remember the mothers and fathers I saw today, who are dealing with greater issues than I can even imagine: Who would love nothing more than to have a healthy child and wash his play clothes.
It is so easy to forget and overlook the blessings we have each day. Today, I was reminded to give thanks every time I want to complain.


  • sarah says:

    well said.

  • susan says:

    hmm. yes. good reminder. thank you.

  • sarah walston says:

    i can totally relate to this post. living at the ronald mcd house in houston while amory was in the hospital was a surreal experience, but one that made you daily reflect on God’s sovereignty and goodness…even over the lives of the 20+ 1.5lb babies that were in amory’s nicu ward…even over the life of little tyler who never left the hospital – was abandoned at birth by his mother because he had medical problems and was eventually, at the age of 14 months, discharged to a nursing home for pediatric patients. there was nothing wrong with him, persay, he still had medical problems, but they were not overwhelming – but there was no one to take him home. he had lived his whole life in a hospital bed. had never even been outside.

  • admin says:

    The hospital staff told us that they needed at least one of us to wait in the room the entire time Patrick was in surgery (that was of course not a problem…I would have stood next to him in surgery if they would have allowed it!) because they had been having problems finding parents when they need them. They said that it was not uncommon for parents to LEAVE while their child was in surgery and then when the dr. needed to talk to them, they were no where to be found. On recent instance, a 3 year old was in surgery and the parents went back home–1 hr away. The child was in recovery and they could not find the parents !!!!
    My brain can not process that ….