Part Two – Adventures in the Strange and Unusual: A weekend family trip

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We finished up our trip with a picnic, a trip to the farm, fishing, and a supper feast on our small catch.
My favorite Cow… The Scotch Highland (Heiland) cattle. They are the oldest known breed of cattle originating in the remote hilly regions and western Coastal Islands of Scotland. They are a hearty breed of cattle with a gentle disposition and generally reliable. They have a unique shaggy hair coat.
A ginormous pig – ready to go to market. This pig might as well of been a monster. Eva didn’t take to kindly to him. A nightmare of toddlerhood.
Our inspiring agrarian friends, The Sanders….. It was a balmy summer day out on the farm. Here he is with his fine mule, I mean HORSE (see comments) team cutting hay. (no they are not Amish) Last time we visited them, Peyton drove the team back to the barn. A rich experience he absolutely loved. One farmer tip we learned: When returning them to the barn, the closer you walk behind them, the less it hurts when they kick you. I am not sure that eased my nerves about my boy taking these huge mammoths back to the barn.
A perfect dream: The children LOVED fishing. Nestled in the hills of southern Tennessee, we found a perfect secluded fishing spot with lots of fish. The 5 year old racked in the fish, with his total numbers being 5 fish. He offered us some fishing advice: “Well, you see, you have boyng it up and down…so the fish think it’s real and they will bite on to it.”
He had the right idea. He was constantly dancing his line in the water (i.e boynging) and the fish were attracted to his dancing cricket bait.
Yes, we did eat our fish…more on that later.


  • Watchful says:

    Them’s not mules, them’s horses 😉
    They look like Percheron to me (Percheron is a breed of horse).
    The Mower is also a bit unique if it is what I think it is. It looks from here like a John Deer Big 4. It is a little hard to see in the picture, but the gearbox is what gives it away. I had one a couple of years ago. It was a good mower.

  • sarah says:

    That trip looks like lots of fun and your pictures are awesome! On the eating the fish, did you take pictures of Patterson’s faces while eating? If we fish I will make sure to boying the bait. 😉

  • admin says:

    HA! Thanks TJ– See how much I know about horses! Actually you are right….I remember them saying they were Percheron horses. They bred on of these horses to a donkey? to get a mule—- right!?!
    Yes…the mower is very cool. He was mowing the hay when we were there but I am not sure on what type of mower. I will have to ask him that question next time we are out.

  • admin says:

    These horses are really impressive…l…