Grateful Daughter

I have grand intentions on one day writing a book about something. I have several book titles and different subjects that I would like to write about but one of them raking high on the list is a book about my father and the impact he has had on my life.
As I have now grown into a wife and mother with responsibilities of my own, I have gained a deeper appreciation for my dad as well as gained a deeper understanding of the impact of having a Godly father regularly involved in my life.
When I think back upon my childhood, my memories of a strong father figure stand out vividly in my mind. My dad is what you would consider definitely someone who thinks outside the box of normality.  As a child I assumed that all fathers were witty, great story tellers, adventures, lovers of history and would never pass up a chance to stop and read every historical marker in sight.  But more than that, he has always imparted Godly wisdom to us by consistently and continually reminding us of our duties in this life towards God, our heavenly father, as well as our duties to our fellow man.
This Father’s Day, I had a wonderful chat with my father over the phone and as always, he continued to pour forth reminders and challenges for me as well as point me to Christ and remind me that my life is not for me to live solely for myself, but a gift God has granted to me to be used for God’s glory.
Thanks Dad for all you have done and still do.


  • sarah says:

    sooooo sweet.

  • sarah walston says:

    That’s really great, Beth.
    I can not relate, on any level, to this post! I begrudgingly called my adoptive step-father and didn’t actually wish him happy father’s day. I talked for less than 2 minutes – just wanted to actually make the call. He’ll never remember that I didn’t say “Happy Father’s Day”.
    I think, next year, I’m going to forgo that call and just go outback and spend some quiet time with the only Father who’s ever really loved me. 🙂

  • admin says:

    My husband can not relate to this either, as he did not have a faithful father who was committed to him, nor a father who served God. I have experienced this side of not having a father from seeing him deal with this. This has caused me to gain a small understanding for what it must be like……..but it has also allowed me to see how much I took for granted.
    My husband has taught me that God really means it when He says HE is the Father to the fatherless and I have seen this over and over in his life. He is learning how to be a father to our children from the Perfect Heavenly Father—HE is a Father who will never leave or forsake us…HE is the perfect example.