Unique yard decor….

yard art
yard sign
I glanced outside and a massive amount of cut up cardboard box pieces caught my eye.
The debris was scattered all over the deck along with the missing pair of scissors I had been looking for. I walked outside and saw some of the children in the field. One was attaching a cardboard cut-out of a deer to the tree. The other was hammering a stake into the ground with a metal bat. He had duck-taped his cardboard cut-out deer to a stake.
good shot
With bows and arrows in hand, these boys proceed to target practice in their own creative way.
bow practice
Ingredients: A few creative boys, cardboard, tape, scrap wood or sticks, bows and arrows = hours of uninterrupted play.


  • sarah says:

    Okay, now THAT may be THE MOST HILARIOUS thing I have ever heard of or seen EVER!!!! Your kids are the funniest and the best!

  • Charlotte says:

    That is wonderful and imaginative! Could you please tell me the ages of your boys and if that is a real bow and arrow set? I have a little boy that I think would have a great time with something like that, but I wonder if he is too young. Have you had any accidents with that? ie maybe shooting another child? Mine is a little over 4.

  • admin says:

    My boys that use the bows are 8 and 10 yrs. old. The boy in the picture is 5 yrs old. He tries to shoot it…but the bow is really too big/heavy for him but he likes to shoot it–he just needs help. If we were to find a smaller bow…we would get that for him. The bow is perfect for the older boys—they are very good with it.
    It is a real bow and arrow in the sense it isn’t a toy…but it isn’t made to kill animals —it is mainly for target shooting.
    The arrows have a dull metal tip on them..
    We haven’t had any human “accidents” — When they are shooting..they are very careful.

  • sarah walston says:

    Your boys are very creative Beth!