Tenn Care – and other socialist Concerns

What happens when you have a moral breakdown in society, when families are systematically torn apart by the culture, and the government imposes costly regulations and requirements on the healthcare industry? You get socialized medicine.
So how is the moral breakdown of our culture and the deteriorating family related to healthcare? First, there are a couple of key premises that will serve as the foundation for this discussion. One key point is the family as defined by God.
In an effort to summarize this premise and use it as a foundation for this discussion, it should be understood that the family is the first and most basic building block for society. This is a based on the biblical notion that there is a God who created man and he placed man in families.
With that as a starting point, it next needs to be reiterated that God places people in families, first. He did not place them in a village, in a city, a state, or a nation, or even in a healthcare plan. He placed them in a family. No matter our station in life, somewhere in our past we have a father and a mother. We may not know them, or they may not have been the kindest people in the world, but they are our parents. Just as a politically incorrect side note, no one on this earth has two of either. We have one mother and one father, not two mothers or two fathers. There is one of each. This is what God defined as a family. Man as a created being is not free to change this definition.
By placing people in families, God laid the foundation for how we are to be raised, cared for, and educated. This is important, because there are certain qualities that one needs to care for others that can not be forced by state law, and can not be purchased with money. That is love, not compassion, but real genuine love is what enables people to truly care for others. Love, in its fullest expression, is being willing to lay down one’s life for the sake of another. In a less drastic expression, it is putting another’s needs above your own. This kind of sacrificial love is incubated in this incredible institution called the family. It is something that takes years to develop and to nurture. It is something that takes place naturally in a properly ordered family.
A sure sign of an improperly ordered family is where these relationships are strained or dysfunctional. We will see as we develop this line of thought further in other articles that this is also the crack in the foundation that leads to a shaky culture.
The discussion around healthcare in Tennessee is centered on what to do with Tenn Care and how can the state “make it work”. The problem is that it will never work and we are willing to say what none of our leaders are willing to come to grips with. Governments are not capable of caring for people! That is not in their charter.
This is foundational thought, God ordained civil governments. That is God allows for man to organize into communities, and cities and to elect people to rule over them. However, just like God defined the family, he also gives us the requirements and the limitations of governments. In their basic role, governments are setup to protect the citizens and punish those who would do evil to their neighbor. It is a very simple concept. If someone steals from his neighbor, the civil authorities come after him and he is brought to justice. If a foreign power wants to take our land, the government protects it’s people from invasion. Notice that both of these tasks require the use of force. This is different from the tender mercies one associates with caring for the sick and elderly.
Remember we said that to care for people one needed to be able to love, to put their needs above one’s own. A government seeks to propagate itself and is not able to consider anything other than it’s continued existence and expansion. Therefore, it is unable to care for it’s people. It can protect them and it can punish those who offend the laws, but it should not go beyond these limitations.
However, like man, government can go beyond it’s bounds. When an individual does this, it’s rebellion. However, when a government goes beyond it’s biblically prescribed bounds it’s called tyranny. It may be mild at first, but in the end it will be brutal and will lead to the failure of it’s first priority to protect it’s people.
It is a rare person these days who would lay down their own life for another person. Most people’s own flesh and blood would not even consider it. How much less will a non personal bureaucratic governmental institution like Tenn Care consider it. If you are looking for compassionate loving care in your old age or in a time of sickness, we heartily would recommend you pour yourself into your family relationships today. They will be the one you can depend on to look out for your best interest, not some committee who instantly converts you to a statistic.
There are major reforms that are needed within the healthcare industry to be able to facilitate a reduction in the price to allow families the freedom to make choices with healthcare. However, it is our position, that if you remove the government regulations and meddling in healthcare, the consumers and the market will be able to work this out with the healthcare providers. More to come on this in future posts. For now, think what it might look like if you have a local county hospital free from bureaucratic wranglings where people paid cash for the services they needed. What does an aspirin or a band aid really cost anyway?
In summary, if someone wants to know how to fix Tenn Care, tell them to dismantle it. If someone needs healthcare, they should pay for it. If they can’t afford it, then their family should pay for it or they should work off their debts when they recover. if they believe the cost of the services are too high, then they can seek the protection of bankruptcy.
If the government has driven the cost too high because of their ridiculous regulations and enough people have to file bankruptcy to get through the process, then the hospitals will begin to fail and perhaps then someone will realize what a mess we are in! For now, if you have a concern about healthcare, work hard, save your money and invest in your family. They are the ones you can trust to make decisions that reflect your interest. An institution such as Tenn Care can never do what God has designed the family to do.


  • beth says:

    So if I have no family to help because of abuse etc that I escaped and we are a hard working, poor family I should just let my kids do without adequate care….find that for me, should I let my medically fragile child die because we can not proceed without insurance.
    Proudly conservative and loved by God in Tennessee.

  • Beth,
    You bring up some great points which really need to be discussed further than in one simple comment. But I’ll give you my quick comment of what I understand the Bible to say about your concerns.
    First to restate your concerns, we are talking about who should pay for needed services, if you are a hard working family who has a legitimate need that you can not meet.
    I don’t believe that as a society we can force other people to pay for our needs. That is theft. It may be government sanctioned theft in the case of TNCARE, but it is still taking money from someone else to pay for another person’s needs.
    I believe the idea situation for this would be for the local church to support the family in need. There are many examples and commands in scripture that support this line of thought.
    Alternatively, a voluntary charitable organization could be established by the hospital or by the local community which would raise funds voluntarily for such cases.
    This keeps the responsibility on the person with the need to seek out this help and to be accountable for the money they are spending. It does this without forcing others, who may have just as serious a need, from being forced to give their money (or have it taken from them by the state) to something that is not a priority in their lives.
    That is the essence of freedom, being able to make choices with our money and our lives and being responsible for our own needs as much as possible.