Part One – Adventures in the Strange and Unusual: A weekend family trip

We decided to take a weekend family trip close to home. Our goal was to get out and relax a bit…unwind. We had a great time and saw some neat …and unusual things.
Part one:
Trip 1
One of the interesting things we saw on our weekend vacation. Not your typical sign. This sign can actually can make the modern mind think, “What actually does that mean? I don’t understand? ” So in case your wondering…I took some more pictures.
 Trip pictures
Not your typical parking lot.
Can’t quite read the sign in the distance….
That’s better…. Just your typical Amish Parking spaces at the local Wal-mart Supercenter. Seriously.
More weekend vacation stories and pictures to be continued…….


  • sarah says:

    And this year’s award for “Most Ironic Photo” goes to…. BETHANY VAUGHN and the Amish/Wal Mart pic!
    That is too funny. Which city was that taken in? Where we went? The other one?

  • admin says:

    This was in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee…not too far from where we were in Ethridge. We went to visit some friends who live not too far from there. I mentioned that we saw Amish buggies in the Wal-Mart parking lot and she said…OHHH Yeah…they go there and buy sugar and mountain dew!—big mountain dew drinkers! She said they saw a lady there one time that had her cart loaded with bags of sugar.
    There are also hitching posts at the gas stations—they buy diesel for their generators.

  • sarah walston says:

    ROFLOL Gotta love the Amish!

  • sarah says:

    so they cheat like the other amish we saw? I bet they carry their bag full of twinkies in a quaint little covered basket like a “home made lunch” or something. 😉

  • tami lewis says:

    hilarious! thanks for sharing 🙂