Fostering Creative Play

There is a dearth of creative play in the life of a modern child. Children are surrounded by plastic, noise-making toys. Is it any wonder that the Art of Play is lost? Fostering creative play is not that difficult. Most children are busting at the seams with creativity. All they need is the encouragement to use that creativity that God put in them. Limiting T.V., video games, useless plastic toys and exposing them to a wide variety of creative building tools builds a creative thinker. What are these creative building tools? Simple things…. like a cardboard box….dirt…….water or old clothes, a flat sheet, pots and pans.
A Creative Play Picture Journal
The Pioneer Princess and her sister Princess Patchwork enjoy a early summer day on the grounds of Vaughnshire.
kiss frog
Up hops, Prince Patrick, who has been turned into a frog for many years by the evil Motimer, dragoon of Syphony. Princess Patchwork kisses the frog.
Prince Patrick fights a battle with the evil-one-eyed Motimer.
One eyed
One-Eyed Mortimer fires a flaming arrow at castle Vaughnshire.
Evil Bow Guy
Close-up of the one-eyed Mortimer, feared dragoon of Syphony Tower.
Princess play
Joyful Maiden Princess Patchwork just before her capture.
Princess fight
The fight to rescue Princess Patchwork from the evil one-eyed Mortimer.
The fight continues…Princess Patchwork screams in fear…Sir Stirling of Vaughnshire wards off the evil dragoon… last… Princess Patchwork is…..
princess again
Finally, returned safely to her home.
All in the Kingdom rejoice of the valiant bravery displayed by Prince Patrick and Sir Stirling and the great battle for the Patchwork Princess was told for generations.


  • sarah says:

    That may be THE most adorable thing I have ever seen!!!! Laying the groundswork for a best selling children’s book…

  • sarah walston says:

    R O T F L O L!!!!
    BETH!!! VERY CUTE!!! Love it!! Too fun!! You are a cool mom. Will you adopt me?!?!

  • tami lewis says:

    AMEN sister! i too raise my children in this wonderful way! i’m soooo glad i “met” you! i’m going back and posting comments on everything lol lol!

  • Sally says:

    That’s too cool…reminds me of a lot of stuff my Dad and I did growing up…I still have the videos of our very elaborate puppet shows and “variety shows” we did together 🙂
    These are great memories your kids will cherish forever…I still do!

  • Sally C says:

    My children used to play like this, they have grown up to be creative and imaginative young people and young adults- the sand box and the dressing up box were favourite toys- their bedroom became a cave and a spaceship at different times…these photos are wonderful!

  • susan says:

    hahahahahahaha. oooooh man. i loved play like that as a kid, and i plan on playing like that with my kids, or at least providing them the places and lack-of-things to do so!! 🙂 I have found that play is much better with less things. Simple. sweet. sensible.
    your pictures are terrific!! the patchwork princess being captured really made me laugh!!