Raw Milk Update – The Meatrix I and II

Here are a couple must see movies. In them you will see AgriBusiness introduced. This is what the TN House Agriculture committee sided with today over and above the small family farm. By a vote of 8 to 5 the TN Raw Milk Bill (HB1623) was killed in committee. Thanks mostly to the two turn coat Republicans, Steve McDaniel District 72 and William Baird District 36.
I have asked each of these men for an explanation and will post them unedited if they respond. However, I doubt this will happen. But I thought I’d also send those members of the committee a little movie to watch in their spare time. If you have not seen these two short spoofs, they are well worth the time. In addition to being extremely creative and funny, they convey a powerful perspective on the real issue with today’s farming laws and techniques – namely that they are based on greed and corporate profits and not what is good for the consumer.
It seems strange that an average employee who is fortunate enough to still receive some stock options with his company these day has restrictions placed on him to prohibit him from selling those options at specific times, because of a risk of a “Conflict of Interest”. But, at the same time here we have an industry whose practices daily place them in a conflict of interest. Eating is suppose to be an enjoyable, and healthy experience, but today’s large farms and the practices and laws that govern these entities focus on profit, not the health of the consumer.
In a nut shell that is what we have with the killing of HB1623 & SB1984. We have support for big business and profits at the expense of the small family farm. It’s a sad state, but I suppose all would have been better if I had only picked the blue pill. Choose carefully!

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