Spring is beautiful. In the rolling hills of Tennessee the weather is crisp and cool with more days of warmth that bring a much needed break from the cold bare winter. Here, the first signs of spring are the blooming of the brilliant yellow jonquils and forsythia bushes. Now, the wild crab apple trees, dogwoods, redbuds and fruit trees are in full blossom. The robins are plump. The bluebirds and cardinals are bright and brilliant. Numerous other birds flit about. Our peas and marigolds are sprouting. It is beautiful.
spring too
Amongst these beautiful things, we still have chicken pox and I am recovering from mastitis. Since I am prone to this while breastfeeding, I have learned how to treat it naturally and successfully with the use of herbs and vitamins—-so thankfully it isn’t that big of an ordeal.

Once I am completely recovered, I have a urge to spring clean. This site is by a momma of many children www.largefamilylogistics.net and here is her blog for some great spring cleaning tips….


  • sarah says:

    Your kids are the most completely adorable! Those pictures are gorgeous. All that aside, did you ever read the comic Calvin and Hobbes? Did you ever notice that when Calvin was mischevious his grin was drawn like a perfect triangle? Patterson’s grin [totally cute] reminds me of Calvin’s triangle grin.

  • Sally says:

    What beautiful pics!