Roy Herron’s Red Herring – SB2993

I’m always suspicious when I see those who are normally in favor of killing unborn children suddenly positioning themselves to be pro-life. Roy has been a long time pro-abort who never met an abortion he didn’t like. In fact, far from being a moderate on abortion, he was one of only 9 senators to vote against SJR-127 a few weeks ago.
So when Roy creates a bill (SB2993) with abortion regulation as the subject one has to ask, what’s his motive? This bill seems like a great idea. It ostensibly provides a mechanism for prosecuting child rapist. Who is not against that? Surely everyone, in their right mind, would agree that pedophiles should be prosecuted and if guilty should receive the most severe punishment. But we already have laws for that. TN Code 39-13-506 and 39-13-522 deal directly with both statutory rape and child rape. So what is SB2993 all about.
SB2993 requires abortionist to collect DNA samples from the dead baby and send them to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), where the TBI is to establish procedures for the amount of tissue to be collected, how it is to be preserved, and how to use it in court.
Here is the irony in legislation like this. While pro-aborts uniformly deny the humanity of the unborn child, it is laws like this that show their inconsistency. First the specimen being collected is human DNA. It is so human in fact that it can be used to match that child with the father. It’s not frog DNA, or some other animal species, it is human. What ever happened to it’s a blob of tissue?
Secondly, the absurdity of a law like this should be obvious. The mechanism for prosecution does not exist. In order for this law to have any enforcement mechanism at all, the suspect’s DNA would have to be on record somewhere, or the suspect would have to be forced to give a DNA sample. There are some serious constitutional issues there that should be tied up in court a long time.
So why the law? Is Roy suddenly trying to appear pro-life by taking up an issue that has been exposed by the pro-lifers? (BTW – see this incredible exposé here. Planned Parenthood has been protecting child predators for years) Roy has never pretended to have any pro-life leanings in the past and his district keeps re-electing him. That would make one think that he doesn’t need the pro-life play. So why the law?
In the final twist of irony, bills like this will be used by the liberal social engineers to force submission to DNA testing on grown adults. It’s a duplicitous liberal play. Pass laws that effect the unborn whom they deny are human, then make the claim later that these laws should apply to adult humans since we already have them for the unborn.
Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Don’t fall for Roy Herron’s Red Herring. We have laws on the books that make it a felony to rape a child. We have laws on the books that require abortion facilities to report activity where there may be child abuse taking place. We should enforce the laws we have. But Roy thinks it will be helpful to ask the people killing innocent children to report the ones who abuse them. What music are you dancing to Roy?
While this bill has passed the senate, the house version (HB3023) is still struggling along in the Constitutional Protections subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee. Something about constitutional issues – go figure. If you’d like to contact the members of that committee and let them know how you feel, you may do so here:
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