Raw Milk in Tennessee

For over a year now the citizens of tennessee have been trying to regain their freedom to buy and drink raw milk. HB1623 & SB1984 have been dragged around the TN state house since the middle of February back in 2005. But finally there is a chance that the Senate at least is going to take some action on it this coming week. Just yesterday SB1984 was “Placed on S. C,L&A Comm. cal. for 4/4/2006”. (that’s the Commerce, Labor and Agriculture committee)
This just happens to be the same day that the bill to stop the NAIS (HB3297/SB1984) will be reviewed in sub-commitees of both the house and the senate. This will make a grand day to visit the state capitol. If you were considering a home school field trip, or a relaxing day to met your representatives, might I recommend Tuesday April 4th 2006 at 9AM. See http://farmersandfreeholders.org for more info on the NAIS bill.
The text of the Raw Milk bill can be found here. Also for on-going information on the raw milk struggle in TN I would highly recommend http://www.tennesseansforrawmilk.com/. Shawn Dady his been hot on the trail of the raw milk bill in TN from the beginning and is a great source of information on the subject. She is also the local organizer of the Weston A. Price Foundation which is a well spring of information about the safety of raw milk. Their raw milk site is http://www.realmilk.com/.
The irony here with the over reaching arms of the state is that you can buy raw meat, raw eggs, and raw vegetables. You can even buy raw fish that has been shipped from out of state (or maybe out of country), but you can NOT buy raw milk. If you go to your next door neighbor and pay him a couple dollars for some milk from his cow, then you are a criminal in the state of Tennessee. What was common fare for our grand parents is illegal for us.
The sale of raw milk for human consumption is legal in 28 of the 50 states. If you would like to help regain a basic freedom in the state of TN, such as being able to feed your family the diet you choose rather than the state legislature, then please consider coming to the state capital next Tuesday.
Here is the info:

9am, April 4, in Room 29 of the Legislative Plaza

You can ask any of the security personnel and they will be able to direct you to the correct room.

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