it’s not enough to just have chicken pox…..

we have to get extreme cases of chicken pox to make life even more interesting 😉
My 6 year old has them bad. However the good news is that yesterday was the worst day for her and she seems to be on a upswing with the spots slowing down and the first ones starting to scab over, at least some of them. Today she is breaking out on the bottoms of her feet and the palms of her hands and between her toes and fingers. She has them head to toe, in her hair, in her ears, in her mouth, on her lips, on her eye lids and where the eyelashes grow and even on on her eyeball! I feel so bad for her!
Annabelle has a mild case but a good enough case that she shouldn’t get it again….or at least I hope not.
We have found much relief in the Aveeno Oatmeal bath and a homeopathic remedy that is supposed to help with chicken pox. The Caladryl and Calamine are also helpful but it would be even more helpful if it was available in gallon size for large families.


  • sarah says:

    Are you okay? I don’t even want to think about what you are going through right now. Too bad you don’t need to lose any weight b/c having seven kids is a great weight loss program and then adding seven cases of chicken pox on top of that…. whew…. we are talking model runway thin. ;o) We should trade places until I lose about ten pounds.

  • sarah says:

    Yeah, that was a shallow post. Oh well. I just want to go scarf down a whole batch of mocha chocolate chunk cookies now. yummy…..