Just when you think you are at your limit…..

just remember it can always get worse…..
Annabelle and Mariah have chicken pox and most likely the other 5 will come down with it soon.
For all those wondering why the blog posts have been sporadic…. life is just very interesting and entertaining around here 😉


  • Sarah Walston says:

    beth – i love your transparency – thanks for being funny, yet honest on your blog – it’s refreshing!

    btw – a study done by the CDC showed that over 50% of 6yr olds entering 1st grade, who had never been vaccinated against chicken pox, and who had never actually had an episode of chicken pox, had already developped natural immunity TO chicken pox…. so….maybe they won’t ALL get it!

  • Sarah Walston says:

    oh and…the younger the child the more severe the reactions to the virus can be – so you might want to just watch annabelle for anything dramatic

    AND…try some antiviral antidotes like elderberry – there’s a product you can get at sun harvest called Sambucol that is supposed to be amazing at deactivating viral infections. it won’t cure chicken pox – but it might help. you can give it to annabelle

  • admin says:

    I love the Sambucol products. I have had great results with them. We have had viral coughs and colds before and the Sambucol has aided in quick recovery and prevented the children that hadn’t yet caught the virus from getting it. I buy mine from Vitacost because it is cheaper than health food store.
    I didn’t think of using Sambucol for chicken pox but I guess it wouldn’t hurt.

  • admin says:

    < <<>>>
    I think being transparent and becoming a little lighter about life is a must for me or I wouldn’t be able to handle it!!! You have to laugh about it or it gets too overwhelming. My husbands says, “Relax, it is only life…and the only life you have!”
    We get to caught up in what we think is the “hardness” of life to much to enjoy it. When I really stop and think about it—my life is not hard compared to some of our foremothers–traveling across country in a covered wagon in winter with 10 children with no food and Indians chasing you as you are looking for a home…that is getting up into the “hard” category.
    We have it easy and shouldn’t complain!
    God is teaching me to let go and stop getting frustrated over stupid stuff that doesn’t matter. Life is bigger than that and I am not going to waste it worrying about my laundry piles or toys being unorganized.

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