The Biblical Role of Self and Self Government

The beginning point to discuss any type of government will always be “self” and we will always find “self” originating from the family. Hence the first two of the four governments established by God, self government and family government are closely linked. In addition the remaining two, church government and civil government are also greatly effected by this foundation.

In Genesis Chapter 4:6-7 we find the very first mention of self-government as God is speaking with Cain:

And the LORD said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen? If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee (shall be) his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.
Here in the “book of beginnings”, God explains the first order house or the foundation for all other governments established in the earth. It is you, the individual. You are accountable for what you do. If you do “well” you will be accepted and if you do “not well”, then sin lies at the door.God clearly communicates the blessing that comes from self control and the danger that comes from a lack of it in this verse and a whole host of scripture from Genesis to Revelation. (This will be an in-depth study at a later date.)
We can see a seemingly endless array of examples of what happens when individuals refuse to govern themselves. At almost any hour of the day on almost any news channel we see the fruit of a generation who was not trained or practiced in the art of self-control. These individuals “doest not well” and as such many lives are ship wrecked before they are ever launched on the oceans of life.
It should go without saying in a Christian teaching that an individual would do well to seek the strength and help of the one who created them when they are seeking to better themselves and are about the business of life. However, it is a sad commentary that many today who profess the name of Christ rarely do more than give lip service to the Bible he gave them as a guide for this very business.
It is a mystery that a society, that has so many troubles, continues to attempt to make God in their image. Instead of seeking God for who He is, so often an individual today can be found seeking God for who they are. That is to say that if God seems unattainable or His standards to high, then it is much easier to change ones understanding of who God is and the meaning of His Word. In this manner individuals are allowed comfort in their inadequacies.
While this strategy is great for building friendships and continued membership in the mutual admiration society it does little to assist an individual in the growth and sanctification that God desires for ones walk with Him. It does very little to build ones character and strengthen their moral composition to enable them to stand strong during the trials of life.
In order for a Christian to make a difference in America today and attempt to rebuild our culture in a manner that glorifies God, there must be a renewed commitment to personal reform. There must be a change in habits, in discipline, and in depth of character. These can only come through the renewing of ones mind through daily meditation and study in the Word of God and through a personal relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ.
Some might ask, isn’t it enough just to “love Jesus”? The answer depends on what a person defines as “enough”. If one is only seeking a bus ticket to Heaven, then yes; accept Jesus and get on a bus to Heaven. If however, “enough” is seeking the reason God created you and put you on this planet and not leaving here until you have “fought a good fight… finished (the) course…and kept the faith” then no, loving Jesus is not enough. You must love Him; yes. But you must love Him more than yourself, more than your desires, more than your likes and your dislikes and even more than your weaknesses. You must pick up your cross daily and follow Him.
You must love Him enough that your life shows it. It is not religious or legalistic to spend time daily in the Word of God, it is duty, it is devotion, it is the out working of love.
This love will bear fruit and there will begin to arise in this nation an multitude of individuals with the love of God in their heart, the truth and knowledge of God in their mind, the strength of God in their character, and an unwavering determination in their eyes.

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