Remove the Floor

After moving the stairs and finishing the build out on the bunk bed the house was occupied for two years and we did not do too much work on it – other than the addition of the kitchen floor, which is seen below. Now that the house is empty and we are planning on moving in, we had to decide what to do to fix up the house and get it ready for our family of nine.
The first thing we tackled was the floors. It had carpet throughout, with the exception of the kitchen and the bath room. We determined that it is easier (and cleaner) to sweep the floor rather than vacuum so the plan is to put hardwood floors through out. Actually, we have determined that we will simulate hardwood floors with a Corning product, which we’ll show you when we get to that phase.
First for the demolition. Having determined that the carpet and current flooring needed to go, we let the kids loose with tools. You’ve never seen a happier face on a couple young men with hammers and pry bars as they are told that it all has to go. The carpet took what seemed like just a few moments. I don’t think I touched it except to drag the roles out of the house. You can see the remains of the last room in the hallway below.

scape the ceiling

Now that the carpet was out of the way, we had to get started on the trim.

Living Room No Carpet

Never mind the fire raging in the ditch out the window, it was leaves. 🙂 Again we set the demolition crew in motion. It did not take too much longer for the carpet and all the trim to be completely removed.

Peyton Working on Baseboard

Here are two of the demolition crew. Followed by their brother below.

Pierce Working on Baseboard

The saying, many hands make light work, has never been truer as we worked along side of one another, it seemed like the carpet and trim was done in no time. Not only did I enjoy watching the children learn how to use tools and enjoy themselves at the expense of the poor house, the work was completed quickly and somewhat efficiently.

Of course that was the easy part. There was one small lesson learned during this process. Pry bars will make holes in the wall. So unless you plan on doing some putty work be careful.

The next challenge was what to do with 2 layers of linoleum, one of which has been down for almost 30 years! It was not an easy task, but we found a tool that helped with the job… well it helped a little. More on that next time. For now it’s time to paint.

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