prenatal vitamins

I just ordered vitamins and noticed that vitacost lowered their already low price on the Rainbow Light Prenatal vitamins to $28.89 currently. I was shocked to see that they had lowered their already low price–they were $31 something. This is a really great deal for these vitamins because at the health food store they are around $60!!!  Some do not like the fact that you take 6 a day. It is suggested to take 2 during the morning, noon and night meal, however, you can take 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening if that makes it easier for you. They also have a one a day prenatal.
Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System 360 Tabs for $28.89 (regular price is $63.95)
I also am going to try this product:
Postpartum Omega Mom — The First EFA Product Specifically Designed for Postpartum Women with Important Nutrients for Infant Brain Development and DHA for Postpartum Mood Support.
I already take a fish oil gelcap but do not like the fishy taste of it. I thought I would switch to this oil to see how I liked it. I will post later about the results.

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