Velcro Baby Wearing

She is almost 5 weeks old and likes me a whole lot! I like her a whole lot as well. She loves to be near mommy which is completely normal … Continue Reading →

Bunk Bed over the Stairs

It’s seems that I forgot one other “minor” project we completed when the floor was done. We built in a bunk bed over the new stairs, once they were moved. … Continue Reading →

Toddler Whispy

Her hair is blond. It is whispy. It comes in a thousand different lengths but…………… we accomplished something today that I have been waiting for…. Piggy Tails! And she likes … Continue Reading →

Moving the Stairs

So if you ever look at a set of stairs and think to yourself, “I’d really like those to be somewhere else”. Read this post before you reach for your … Continue Reading →

New Happenings – The Family Work Forum

Paul has been working on a new website It is a website that encourages family entrepreneurship. Family Work Forum, is a meaningful exploration of legitimate opportunities for families to … Continue Reading →