Amazing Birth Story of Twins from Mom of now 10 children.

I read this really awesome birth story and thought I would post it.  Thanks Carolyn for giving me permission to use your story on my blog.  Many prayers and blessings to you.  Congratulations ;-) 

Well, our babies are finally here. Actually they were born January 20th, but it’s been a little crazy around here since. It seems the more babies I have, the easier the first stage labor is and the more work/aches the pushing stage is. I saw my midwife on Monday Jan 16 and she said to go home, pack my bags, because things could happen any time. I was a 5-6. Well, we made all kinds of plans and sat there for days with nothing happening. Thursday was a little bit of contractions, but they stopped by night time. Friday they started again, very mild and sporadic, but when I did have them, there was a fair amount of pressure. Knowing where I had been when I last saw the midwife, I was a little nervous, so we decided to go visit her with my sis who always comes to our births. I was a 7-8, so I called my hubby so he could meet us at the hospital. I couldn’t believe things were progressing, because I felt fine. My sister and I went out for lunch, and then we walked around and around the hallways at the hospital for a couple of hours. The ob showed up and broke my water (I was a 9 by then) and a half hour later Joel John was born. When the doc held him up I remember thinking, “my, that looks like a REGULAR sized baby.” I was expecting a little baby to fit the 5-7 lb baby clothes we had brought. Then I realized I had to do this all over again. I didn’t think I had it in me, but my midwife got me into a better position and Peter Louis came to see us about 10 minutes later. They each weighed 8 lbs, 2 oz! We had prayed for big babies we could take home right away, and the Lord sure answered.The pediatrician cleared them for discharge before they cleared me! Four hours after they were born, we were on our way home. They knew our midwife would be following up on us. I marvel at how well I felt through the whole pregnancy, and that I made it to 39 weeks without any bed rest. God is so good!Carolyn in WA, mom to 10 (that still is sinking in)

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  • sarah says:

    That is the luckiest woman on earth to go home four hours after birthing in a hospital. I had to deal with the TORTURE of TWENTY-FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLECH!!!!! What a wonderful birth story! :o)