In all my spare time….

Actually in all the spare time that I do not have, I have not been able to blog away. Annabelle is 6 weeks old and although things are settling down slightly, I am still very busy with all the children.
We are anxiously awaiting spring. My mind dreams of the glorious garden I have intentions of planting. We will see if that become reality.
I do plan on posting some interesting stories as soon as I can get them out of my brain and on paper (the computer).
For now, the business of motherhood has overtaken me and left me only with a few brief moments to myself. How wonderful to be needed!
happy annabelle
WARNING: My disposition changes rapidly and without warning…..
crying annabelle


  • sarah says:

    cracking up at the warning…

  • admin says:

    really it does! I am seriously shocked at how fast babies can change…one second they are happy and fine and the next it is the end of the world! By the way….I think that rapid, with out warning changing disposition lasts about 3 years. The 3 year old is just about as bad 😉

  • Sarah Walston says:

    That is HILARIOUS!!!
    Beth – she’s gorgeous! How do you ever stop gazing at her?? I want to hold that baby and kiss that nose!! She ALMOST makes me want another one!!!! ALMOST. I ready the “how wonderful to be needed” comment and thought, “Wow, it’s been a long time since I felt thankful for my position in the home.”
    Funny how a 1 liner makes you think about your entire life’s purpose.
    love ya
    sarah #2

  • Sarah Walston says:

    Oh I noticed the difference – you tried to fix her hair and she’s throwing a fit. I say give her 2 swats with the switch from the tree – that’s outright rebellion and ungreatfulness.

  • sarah says:

    hahahahaaa!!!! that is hilarious!!

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