Prenatal Journal

Every day I have been journaling in a “prenatal journal”. With each baby, I keep a folder with everything pertaining to that pregnancy. Ultrasound pictures, prenatal appointment visit updates, birth supply lists, phone numbers etc. As the pregnancy draws to an end, my journaling becomes more profuse. I have been able to look back over these journals and find some similarities and also see some complete differences. Interesting little tid bits that make it fun to guess how this labor will be.

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  • sarah says:

    What on EARTH?!?!? I was just about to make a silly reply to your last post about why haven’t you posted something new lately [just joking because of how busy you are] and here you are not only posting something new but journaling your entire pregnancy in detail!!!! If we get to come see you I am going to make you a supermom cape. And I will make you wear it.