What is the role of civil government according to the Bible?


  That is the question this generation has failed to answer properly.  It is also one that will continue to be a challenge to America as long as we try to deny that God is the King of kings and Lord of lords.  We should note that, there is not a better example of this controversy played out in modern history than in our neighboring state to the south.  The recent 10 Commandments case in the Alabama Supreme Court, clearly laid the foundation for the government’s responsibility to acknowledge God.  Not to force people to worship him, not to make everyone go to church, but to acknowledge that there is a God who created this Earth and who reins over this nation.An entire section of the Josiah Project site is dedicated to this topic along with original editorials on a few of the topics.  Hopefully the people of Alabama will remember this topic when they elect their new governor in 2006.  Roy S. Moore announced last month that he will be running for Governor of Alabama. By God’s grace may he succeed!

Also visit the official site for current updates and to offer your support.  Just as an aside, one the the most interesting things about this race will be the amount of money the RNC spends in the primary to keep Judge Moore off the ballot. I’m betting it won’t be a small amount.

Also a very helpful resource on this topic is Judge Moore’s friend and Alabama’s newest justice Tom Parker’s site, Vote For Justice.

But back to the topic at hand.  There are several great resources that are available to those who wish to know what our founders thought about God and the Role of Civil Government. Of course if you read any of the Congressional records it will be difficult to deny that the founders believed God should be publicly acknowledge. Another great source for information is to read the books the founders were reading. Such as Contra Tyrannos, a highly popular tract from America’s founding period, which has been transcribed and made available publicly. Of course one of the most famous books on the subject is Samuel Rutherford’s LEX REX.  Both of these books along with Richard Baxter’s A Holy Commonwealth would make a great foundational study for a student looking for the answer to how a government should interact with the Creator of all man kind.

Another great historical resource on the limits of government is a short story told of David Crockett when he was a member of the U.S. Congress.

These all will make a great introduction to the topic and of course there will be more to come, as we continue to lay the foundation for a Christian Nation.

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