Shonda Parker Books

Excellent and must haves for mommies— I ordered 2 of Shonda Parker’s books off her website and have almost finished The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy, The Essential Guide To Nutritional and Botanical Medicine For The Childbearing Years. Here is the link for the books: Naturally Healthy Website
The other book is called Mommy Diagnostics, The Art Of Taking Care Of Your Family. It is a huge resource for everything you ever wanted to know on how to treat common ailments herbally and naturally.


  • sarah says:

    Thanks for always checking out this stuff, you are a wealth of information!

  • Laura says:

    I’ve been reading/looking through Birth Dynamics website and your blog. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m preparing to teach nutrition/childbirth/lactation classes also (and getting lots of great ideas from you 🙂 ).
    I’ve been privelgeded to get to know Shonda a little. She is a wonderful sweet-spirited lady with a wonderfully hospitable family. She is also an excellent researcher. She was my childbirth teacher and my labor support for my first child. Her third book, Naturally Healthy Woman, is also a worthy read . I’m currently studying her Naturally Healthy Family Home Study Course, hoping to recieve Professional Certification in order to teach her materials competently. As you seem to be quite “the teacher”, I thought you may be interested??