New Year!

This week we prepare our goals for the upcoming year. As tradition around here, we prepare for a big New Year’s party where we will celebrate the year and revisit the highlights as well as re-examine our goals for the last year. Sometimes this re-examination is a bit humbling! Did we do what we said we were going to do? It is an exciting time. We usually have this as a family time but this year we are having several days of celebration- Friday and Saturday as well as Sunday, the New Years Day.
Friday we will be fellowshipping here in our home with many friends which is an added party we have not had before. We hope to spread our vision of goal setting, family accountability through regular goal meetings throughout the year as well as a challenge to set goals not just yearly but multi-generationally.
On Saturday, we will have our family goal party and share a bit more intimately on our family vision and goals, as well as have a time of prayer and celebration over the what the Lord has done in our family over the last year and pray for His guidance as we head into a new year.
On Sunday, we will be worshipping at our Church as this year falls on the Lord’s Day – a day that we have focused on keeping holy this last year and seen many benefits to our reforming our families convictions of keeping the 4th commandment.
Here is how I develop my goals and continue to develop my previous years’ goals.
I divide my goals into categories: Personal Character, Marriage, Home, Homeschool, Projects, Business.
Under personal character, I put things like my goals for personal devotion times, character traits I need to work on and how I am going to improve, what tapes I need to listen to or books I need to read, exercise and nutrition goals. Under marriage, I put things like: what I need to work on, date nights etc. Under the section of Home: many things can fall into this category. This includes chore charts and some home schedules, meal planning to insure the home is running smoothly. Under home schooling I list goals of what I need to accomplish with each child. For example last year it was teaching one of my children to read. Under projects, I list a project that I would like completed. Last year I set a goal to get my loose photos in albums. Under business, I set goals for my website.
The important thing is to be reasonable. It is easy to set yourself up for failure by all the grandiose planning your mind can conceive. Look at it logistically. Look at the amount of time you have and do not place something like a home business over home. Do not schedule out every 30 minutes of the day in a new schedule you think you should be following only to find that doesn’t work always with a bunch of toddlers around. Start small. Break it down into monthly tasks to insure you are meeting your year goal. Have family goal meetings regularly.


  • sarah says:

    Okay, one more goal of yours should be to put all that into a “How To” book for newlywed women. If I had any concept of having to actually “plan” and “schedule” meals it might have blown my mind but it would have helped!!!!!!!!!!!! That along with the many other things you wrote about would have really helped.

  • admin says:

    I will post some things on meal planning for the new year. 😉