Planned Parenthood Can’t Compete

Never mind that Planned Parenthood received the largest amount of federal money in Title X and Title XX funding ever under the Bush administration this year, never mind that they have a national fund raising machine, and never mind that the going rate for abortions is $717 a pop according to the latest Medicare submission codes. (reference code 59840) Planned Parenthood is whining because they can’t raise enough support from those in TN to have a pro-abortion license plate!
One might think that an international organization with an 800 million dollar budget would enjoy the free debate brought on by expressive license plates. But not Planned Barronhood, no they must have the courts step in to “level the playing field”. After all, it wouldn’t be fare if some upstart little local pro-life organization was able to raise more local support than this multi-national organization. After all it might make them look bad in the international court of public opinions.

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