The Storm – Katrina and God's Judgment

The Storm

Fierce and raging, she eyed the coast
Seeking to destroy anything that could stand or float
Katrina arrived with no quiet show
God is angry, don’t you know?

Why? Why should he be concerned?
For decades it is him this nation has spurned
Socialist schools, abortion on demand
Gender neutrality; the feminist agenda, that’s the plan

Sodomites on parade
New Orleans other famous day
Casinos in the bay
Mississips grandest pay

Don’t acknowledge God
He won’t acknowledge you
Turn your back on his law
He can turn his back too

You want wisdom in your human mind
Good and evil, you want to define
Now you have it, what do you say?
Are there any steadfast rules when you play?

Free from all mores
Do as you see fit
As Eve, by the same serpent
A nations been bit

Katrina smiles
Her winds unleash their fury
If this is from the God of justice
Pray for a hung jury

Just another hurricane
What’s there to fear?
More rain, hard winds
We’ve been here

Harder beat the rains
Category four the winds top
Katrina has pulled out
All the stops

No power, no phones
The wind still rages
The rain still falls
The buildings tear like pages

Ah, but by morning
It’ll all be over
A little damage
Some soggy clover

Peek out survey the damage
No power yet, we can manage
The wind has calmed
The rain has slowed

The river she rises
Sure and slow
Before a city repents
The levees will blow

Pride goeth before destruction
And a haughty spirit before a fall
The waters of judgment
Were destined to breach the walls

The flood waters flow
A nation watches in dismay
Those who did not go
Live in a bay

A nation drowning in the guilty flood
Choking soiled water as she gasp
The life line of justice and truth
Just out of grasp

Justice re-defined
To mean what a judge decrees
And truth, what is that?
But what a people believe

Only try to make them believe
Katrina never came
Try to make them believe
Life will ever be the same

Years of living on the government dole
Now with no one left to whom to sell their soul
Who will feed them, who will care?
The governess, says, “This is a nightmare”

The mayor, who embraces the sodomite shame
Thinks this is some political game
Leadership words he’s unable to bare
Unable to speak without a slander or swear

Quick declare a day of prayer!
We don’t know what else to do
The guns, the knives, the fires
This place is a zoo!

Pray to who
The God of truth and justice
That will never do
We told the people to trust us

Wait another day
Perhaps all will be better
A policeman without his pay
The city is getting wetter

The police force is looting
The gangs are plundering
The victims are crying
And the church is wondering…

Where did the Church go wrong?
Where did she loose her voice?
When she sold out God’s word
And settled for human choice

The governor cries
More on public TV
One of the judgments of God
Is a people without a leader to lead

A desperate nation sees the need
It’s always saved before
Send money; send cash that must be the answer!
But, no cure can be bought for this cancer

The hunger,
The rape,
The murder,
The shame

The human condition
Frail and weak
Trials and troubles
Expose its leaks

Conditioned to be dependant
Social security and welfare
Security has fled
Now there is warfare

Man in his human frailty
Spirals to debasement
Lawlessness reigns
In the place of true judgment

The question is not will it get better or worse
The question, “Is this a blessing or a curse?”
There is a God who sits upon the throne
Who will not be mocked and will not leave sin alone

He has more disasters than FEMA has relief
His forgiveness a wise nation should seek
Bow down thy knee and be broken
Or raise thy fist and be made meek

9/11 and Katrina
One may call them fate or chance
If they did not live near those arenas
Those who endured likely will take a different stance

The God of peace and Love
Sends rain from heaven above
It can be of a gentle nature
That helps to grow and mature

Or it can be of wrath and judgment
Which is wise and sober
It is our foundation of cultural beliefs
That brings judgment or relief

Blessed is the nation
Who’s God is the Lord, or
The wicked shall be turned into hell,
and all the nations that forget God.

Let us meet the needs
Let us sow the seeds
Let us deliver the goods
Let us serve as we should

Let us speak the truth
Make sure it is sound
Let us point to the one
In whom all hope is to be found

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