Bush picks Tennessee regulator for FCC

November 9, 2005 WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush nominated a Republican regulator from Tennessee Wednesday to serve on the Federal Communications Commission. Nominated was Deborah Tate to fill a vacant Republican seat on the panel. Tate is a director on…

Born Feminine

I am continually blessed by this 14 month old baby girl. Her little motherly actions are so adorable—she pats her baby doll on the back, rock the doll cradle and gives big wet slobbery kisses on her baby dolls face.

TN Abortion Providers

What kind of vision would we have for TN if it did not include the basic right to light for all Tennesseans? It would not be freedom at all, but rather tyranny. Vision Tennessee sees a TN where all citizens…

Boys and Swords

At 3 yrs old, he is an expert lego swordsman, building some incredible swords , helicopters and airplanes –which he hopes to enter into the State Fair next year. Yes, there is a lego building category 😉