• Sarah says:

    whoa. that is disconcerting.

  • suzanne says:

    wow if I ran my checkbook like this I would be in jail for bad checks….

  • Lynn says:

    Our family just finished Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.
    We are totally convinced Debt is UNBIBLICAL. This is very scarry stuff!

  • NickyB says:

    Be indebted to no man… I forget exactly where it is but it’s in the Bible and I unfortunately have a hard time following it.
    To much of society today makes it hard not to go into debt for a house, a car, or most anything.
    For something such as our government well the debt is what provides us with a stable society. I am a military member and I have been to places that don’t have a stable society and its hard.
    I must say that I would give anything to have a life in a time when a “debt” was a trade of labor or skills. Unfortunately in the Geopolitical world its not really all that possible.
    Also every few seconds one of those 1000ths of a penny is my pay getting added in.

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