What’s Growing In The Garden?

What’s growing in the garden?  Well, I am not exactly sure. I haven’t been out there to check on it in weeks. I have been busy with a 3 month old baby and redoing a room in our house for a school room.

With having a baby this spring, not much was done in the garden anyway.  My beautiful, productive straw mulched gardens don’t exist this year.  We reminisce about the time we had a large straw mulched garden with a large variety of yummy food growing in it. 

We are rejoicing that we do have some things growing.  Corn, for one!  The guys ordered some corn seed from Baker’s Creek and planted it.  It is growing even despite the fact that the milk cow found a way in the garden and chewed down on some nice corn plants. The corn looks promising.

Then we went on a random planting spree and planted zuchinni and okra plants in the open spaces where the cow ate the corn.

Then there is the pig weed weeds!! That stuff is brutal.  It is thorny and hurts like crazy to touch it.  We are using leather welding gloves to pull it up before it gets rooted in and goes to seed. However, it outnumbers us greatly.

I am just being honest. Gardening is difficult if you do not stay on it and are prone to getting bug bites.

Even with the garden neglect, some garden produce ends up on the counter, picked and brought in by a child who announces that our plants are not dead yet.

Hopefully, next year we will do better in the big garden. For now, our little container garden on the back porch and my 12 yr old’s cucumber garden by the boy fort are doing much better!


Our 12 yr old used old tires and old fencing panels to create a manageable cucumber garden beside their boy fort. The cucumbers have been very productive and taste so yummy!