How to Plant Strawberries

We are not experts on how to plant strawberries.  But we tried and are hoping they turn out. 

The boys built some raised beds and we planted some of strawberries at the beginning of April.  We ordered more strawberries and are working on getting them in this week. 

We chose raised beds because we really don’t have the land layout to make a huge strawberry garden patch.  We figured it would be easier to contain and control them in a raised bed anyway. 

In addition to having fresh organic strawberries, I’m also excited about the fact that strawberry plants spread.  Years ago, I planted a few strawberry plants in my flowerbed and to my great delight and surprise found that they were very prolific in spreading.  So much so..that we took a weed eater to them often to trim up the edges of the bed. 

I’m hoping these raised beds of strawberries do the same thing….then I will have strawberry plants to share!

I loved this blog post where he shows pictures of big time strawberry planting!  Wow..this would be awesome!  Planting Strawberries:  Square Peg Post

2 comments for “How to Plant Strawberries

  1. Cindy (Cousin)
    June 10, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    PLEASE let me know if you have any luck!  We can’t seem to keep just a single pot of them!  I’m with Collin… let me know your secret!

  2. Collin
    May 9, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    In our experience, growing and propagating them is the easy part. If you figure out how to keep various critters from eating the almost perfectly ripe berries mere hours before you intend to harvest them, that I’d love to know!

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