Winter Flooding Jan 2013

January 14, 2013

Our seasonal creek started flowing out of season with white rapids today.  It’s been raining hard for hours…. days… now


Almost three years ago, we had a 1,000 year flood that caused much devastation to our community.

That flood altered our farm in several ways.  First, we ended up with enormous amounts of rock deposited in the middle if our lower pasture.  Second, our fences were damaged from heavy water and debris.  Many of our fences are still crooked and leaning.  Third, we lost one of our lower pastures.  It turned into a rock quarry instead of a pasture with grass where we could keep the sheep.   The fence to that pasture ended up somewhere down the river.  Most significantly though, was our spring that supplies water  to our farm was altered.  We are assuming that the underground water tables changed and altered.  We’ve had issues with irregular water flow from the spring ever since.  We’ve also had other springs pop up in place we never had before.



Today, when the water started really flowing down the creek and filling up our bottom pasture, the guys decided to remove part of the fence in the way of the water flow to hopefully avoid debris back up and prevent more flooding.


Lots of water for a January rain.  We’ve never had this much rain in January.  This past December we were able to finally remove the mountains of rock piled up in this pasture and redistribute it to some low lying areas and build up the creek bank.  However, now we are sitting here hoping that the chunk of money spent on fixing the flood damage from almost 3 years ago doesn’t get washed down the river.

We are gearing up for more January cold weather after this unseasonable warm spring like weather and rain.  And hopefully we will be busy with welcoming sheep babies within this next month.

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