October Life

The autumn season is upon us and, like every year, I stand and marvel at the beauty surrounding me.  Crisp air, leaves dancing about, the rustic smell of bonfires scattered about the valley and the thunk of the walnuts falling from the trees let us know October is in full swing. This year there is the anticipation of new life on the farm.  Sheep and cows are plump with babies.

School was outside this morning the moment the announcement that our milk cow was in labor made it back to the house after morning chores.  Breakfast was a unsynchronized buzz.  We all left the table to go to the field to catch the 2nd stage of labor.  12 sets of eyes peered on as the 1st bag of waters ruptured.  After a few moments, the gang of little people headed back to the house with me to eat the now cold breakfast before she had the calf.  Talk of cow names was the topic of conversation. 


A little while later, one of the girls came back to the house to give the heads up that the time was getting very close.  We all headed back out the door, through the yard, across the dry creek, down the embankment beside the field, through the gate and into into the field to observe the birth.

It was amazing, yet again, to see the birth of new life on the farm.  A new bull calf.  …..And refreshing of our milk cow for real, down home, fresh milk to accompany us at breakfast in the winter months ahead. It is a good day.