Coming Home with Chicks

Last week when my son saw the sign on the Amish farm, “Chicks For Sale”, I had a soft moment for some reason and stopped to let him look.  He was so excited. He had been wanting to get a few chicks since we didn’t hatch any this year due to being roosterless.  

They had lots of 2 and 3 week old chicks to choose from. I told him it was too bad we didn’t have a box to put them in. He beamed ear to ear and said, “I brought a box trap!!! I was expecting we would find chicks so I stuck it in the back of the truck….just in case!!” Those “always prepared” boys are something else!!!!!

We not only came home with groceries from the Amish market, but we came home with 3 baby chicks. Why do I do that to myself? I kept telling myself it is all about the eggs. There must be sacrifice of personal peace if yummy, healthy eggs are to be obtained!

The chicks have been in the small movable chicken pen in the back yard. So far, thriving and enjoying chick life.