Waiting on a Dairy Calf

We’ve been waiting on one of our milk cows to have her calf.  It’s sorta like a “watch pot never boils” scenario.  I was sure she was going to go last week…. and then she didn’t.  And then I was absolutely sure she was going to calve the other day… and then she didn’t.  So I stopped checking on her and now send a more non-anxious boy out to check.

This is her first calf, so we (well, just me) are a little nervous.  My very first conversation with our neighbor when we moved to the farm several years ago centered around cows giving birth.  It involved pull chains hooked to the protruding, mal-presented calf feet and then hooking the other end of the chain to the back of the pick-up truck?   I was lost but tried to take good mental notes and file it away just in case it might be important one day.  I was sure it was important or the neighbor wouldn’t be talking about such weird, semi-gross, slightly shocking topics to someone they just met???  I’ve since learned that’s just small talk in a small rural town.  You know…an ice breaker conversation..for country folk.

Any how, I’m prepared.  Well, not for calf pulling.  I’d just call the vet.  We like the births where you just wake up one morning and look out the window and you see little lambs or calves bouncing around in the field.  So we are hoping and praying for a good birth!

We raised Dixie from a calf.  She was the calf of one of our past milk cows.  We expect her to be an excellent milker just like her mother.  Double exciting is the fact that we also raised the bull.  His name is Spanky and he is now for sale by the way.  So my kids are very excited about the new upcoming cow births from Spanky and I’m very excited Spanky is finally on his way to a new home.

So for now… we try not to watch so anxiously and will have a calf update hopefully soon.


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