Incubating Chicken Eggs: Humidity is important

March 3, 2009

Humidity is very important when you are incubating and hatching out chicks.  We knew we were having some problems with the humidity because our incubator was collecting condensation on the glass.  With a few adjustments, we still didn’t have it right.  Which is beyond me because, they seem to do a lot better out in the wide open outdoors where the humidity widely varies day to day?

Remember when I said 100 different things have to go right before you end up with live chicks.  It’s true. 

We now have two chicks!  And about 40 something dead ones…we think???  We will evaluate in the morning but after two very long  hatchings…we finally have two very loud chicks.  One is doing great.  The other one is a few hours old, so it doesn’t look so great yet.  Hopefully it will perk up. 

Here’s a picture of the second chick hatching out.  It was very neat to watch!


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