Taking Time to Enjoy

The children were anxiously awaiting spring after a long winter and cold start to spring.  They dreamed of playing outside and now that it is here it is hard to stay focused on a schedule when the weather is so inviting.  Warm weather also invites all manner of bugs to come out and begin their feasting.  Of the most nuisance this year is the ugly tick.   While chickens and guineas eat ticks, they do not eliminate the problem when you are surrounded by country on all sides.  Plus, when you let fowl run-a-muck you immediately deal with an additionally nasty poop problem.

Country life unfortunately involves many unpleasantries, however, the host of lovelies are abundant.  I am trying to count the benefits every time I find a snake or tick.


No matter what time of year it is……

With the growing and never ending list of things to do, I am reminded to stop and smell the roses and be still to listen to the rain drops.  It is so easy to let the raging pressures of the moment drive my life and distract my long range view.  How often I forget, “Be Still”!   It isn’t enough to just “be still” but to know that God is God makes the “be still” worthwhile.


These little moments of refreshment need to be savored or the busyness of life will overtake and leave one dry and parched.  I often get way to caught up in all the things I have to do.  I too often drown myself with being overwhelmed.  The farm, the 80 year old house, the children, the homeschooling, the laundry, the business, the projects, the activities, the…. fill in the blank….

Understanding and living with the belief that there is a point in time where everything is caught up and done and can be checked off some list brings great disappointment.  I have to daily remind myself to enjoy this wild and crazy journey the Lord has me on.  Stop and savor those little moments

… the beauty of the bright green grass,

…little children giggling while skipping rocks across the cold spring water,

…the lull of steady rain on a tin roof,

…the reminder of new life after a long, cold winter…..

Life is good….not easy or perfect.

Happy Spring